mHealth Compendium Volume 5

This is the fifth volume of the mHealth compendium and contains project descriptions, publication references and further contact information for individuals interested in learning and adapting mHealth into their programs. It includes options on the different potential applications for mHealth services including: behavior change communication, data collection, finance, logistics, and service delivery.

Enabling the healthy spacing of pregnancy: Programmatic approaches to expand postpartum IUD (PPIUD) access

Under the Support for International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) project funded by USAID, PSI published a technical brief on ‘Enabling the Healthy Spacing of Pregnancy: Programmatic Approaches to Expand Postpartum IUD (PPIUD) Access’.

HIP Brief - Vouchers: Addressing inequities in access to contraceptive services

Voucher programs aim to directly influence the behavior of both provider and consumer. By targeting underserved groups, vouchers ensure subsidies reach the disadvantaged and are not absorbed by those with greater access to resources. This brief describes how vouchers can address key challenges for family planning programs, discusses the potential contribution to improving the quality and use of contraceptive services, outlines key issues for planning and implementation, and identifies knowledge gaps.

The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning

This policy brief discusses the benefits of family planning and how insurance programs can be designed to increase demand for and uptake of family planning services, as well as to improve their quality and equitable provision.

The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning

Better than Cash Alliance

In addition to raising awareness of the benefits of replacing physical cash with electronic payments, the Alliance facilitates the transition for governments, the development community and the private sector by: Advocating for organizations to commit to transition from cash to electronic; Providing policy, technical and financial assistance; Developing cutting-edge products, practices and case studies.


Repositioning Family Planning: Decision Support Tool Manual

"MEASURE Evaluation PRH developed a simple decision support tool to accompany the framework and indicators. This decision support tool provides a way for stakeholders to gather information about the indicators and to receive progress feedback to support decision making."

Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Efforts to Reposition Family Planning

"This framework for monitoring and evaluating (M&E) the repositioning of family planning services can ultimately be used by international donors, governments, and programs to assess their efforts, identify gaps in strategies to reposition family planning in countries, and to inform funding, program design, policy and advocacy, and program planning and improvement."

Condom Repositioning for Adolescents—Expert Consultation

"The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) convened an expert consultation in Washington, D.C. in June 2014 to focus on how to reposition condoms so they appeal to adolescents and increase use. Experts from across the globe attended to bring diverse perspectives to the meeting."

Communicating Research to Policymakers: Researchers' Experiences

"This brief highlights the experiences of four research teams who communicated findings from studies supported under the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation's Population and Poverty Research Initiative (PopPov). "

Costed Implementation Plans for Family Planning

"Costed Implementation Plans for family planning are concrete, specific plans for achieving the goals of a national family planning program over a set number of years."